Kids in cages: A mom’s point of view

I’m a mom of two- a boy and a girl. One only 3 months and the other 12 years. As a mom, you enjoy the little things with your kids. Talking about their day. Fixing them their favorite meal. Watching a movie until all are passed out on the couch, cuddled up in a blanket. And you see the articles. The images are haunting. Kids of all ages separated from their parents- their protectors- the people in their lives they need and trust. They are treated like dirt and put in a cold, scary place and made to feel alone, even if they are surrounded by other kids in the same situation. How can anyone, regardless of political party, think this is OK? Can they look at their kids and say they would do the same thing to them? Those kids that you watch grow up or reach for you when they need a hug or have an “owwie”. The kids that look up at you with excitement when you are about to tell them you are going to get icecream. The kids that ask for one more bedtime story before they have to sleep. And furthermore, the parents who are just trying to do right by their kids and make their futures better, and all of a sudden they are ripped away from their children. I can’t even begin to imagine the worry and guilt those people are feeling. Their babies are not with them. It’s a helpless feeling. As a country, we need to put our feet down. This is NOT who we are. We are a beautiful nation built by immigrants. My parents were refugees and immigrants. They brought my brother and I over after our home was destroyed during the Persian Gulf War and we are all contributing members of society (and citizens, might I add). This is sickening. Plain and simple.

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