This so called “FBI Investigation”

How? How is it possible to complete a thorough investigation of sexual assault when neither parties allegedly involved. Republicans act like the Democrats are being done a HUGE favor by having an investigation done. Like it is “ridiculous” for us to follow the ways of the justice system and want such a big accusation to be looked into.  It seems to me like a botched investigation will be more in favor of the republicans so they can just “say they did an investigation” and move on. I am in awe of the ignorant idiots who seem to think this is ok. The “MeToo” movement is not a poison that is making the world scary for men. It is an inspiring moment for women who are starting to feel as though they found their voice. We need to look out for those who have been assaulted and investigate any potential attackers… especially if the subject is being nominated for such a prestigious position. No woman wants to recollect this pain. No woman wants to talk about it or be shamed. No woman wants to be the cause of a huge rift in the United States. But no woman wants to think she could have stopped it and chose to do nothing.

To Dr. Ford, your bravery is so admirable. I believe you. I’m sorry this is the direction it has headed. It is clear that this investigation was set up to have a predetermined result.

To republicans who are in support of Kavanaugh or Trump, how can you live with yourselves. How can you sleep at night knowing that the man running the country likes to “grab women by the p******” or the Supreme Court nominee was accused of assault. Have you no pride in this country? Are you not ashamed? These women shouldn’t be the ones who are shamed into never speaking up. It should be you. Shame on you.


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