The Trump Era Twilight Zone

Where do I even begin. Is anyone keeping track of the absolutely outlandish and ridiculous thing the administration has pulled? It feels as though we are on year 10 of Trumps presidency… I can’t possibly go through the timeline of all of his craziness, so let’s just recap the week of alternate reality administration we are living in:

  • The President of the United States called a woman a “horseface” on social media
  • he mocks a sexual assault survivor who has attempted to speak out and then defends it by saying “it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, we won”
  • While I typically do not care what she wears, the first lady exercised terrible judgement (whether purposeful or not) and wore a “I really don’t care jacket” to visit immigrant children at the border
  • Oh yeah, and now she claims to be the most bullied woman in the world (maybe she meant to say that she was married to the biggest bully in the world?)

What is this? America, do we not deserve better? How are people justifying defending any of this? I do not understand how a man who can be so opposite of everything this country is supposed to represent is still in power.

This is especially disturbing because of news article after news article I read about the hate that this administration is encouraging. Ever since this presidency, we have been more divided than ever and people feel as though it is OK to being hateful, racist and just pure evil. For example, “Apartment Patty” and her feeling the need to harass a man who is simply trying to go home and THEN calling the police and claiming he assaulted her. (If you haven’t read the story, click here) Where is it going to end? This is ridiculous people. If you aren’t registered to vote, shame on you.

We deserve better. This country deserves better. I’m embarrassed.


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