Eat for free!

My birthday is in November and I just started receiving a ton of emails for special coupons for my birthday! Online rewards, promotional emails, or e-rewards will let you know about promotions that they are running. During your birthday the promotions are geared towards you and your birthday month. If you are already going out to dinner, chances are the place you choose will have a reward if you are a member of their email list or online rewards.

Below are just a few of the email offers I received this month. Some I will use, some expire before I will have time I use and some I just do not think the offer or stipulations are worth using.

Baskin Robbins: You get a free kid’s sized scoop of ice cream. You also get a coupon for three dollars off an ice cream cake. It’s not fun to buy your own cake but  leave this coupon as a hint for whoever does buy your cake.

Benihana: Do you ever wonder why so many people go here on their birthday? Besides the unconventional, fun atmosphere you get a $30 gift card to use the month of your birthday! The cooks may also give you a little special treatment as you watch your food being made. It cannot be used on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Bruegger’s Bagels: They will send you a free bagel with cream cheese to your email. I will not be using this coupon. If it was a free bagel sandwich, things would be different.

Carrabba’s: Free appetizer or desert during your birthday month.

Culver’s: This coupon will land in your email on your birthday. It is for a free sundae.

DSW: $5 off any purchase. This is one that unless I can find something for close to five dollars I might not use. I already have way too many shoes.

i-Hop: Free stack of any kinds of pancakes. Expires two weeks after you receive the email.

Ruby Tuesday’s: I used this coupon a few days before my birthday since it comes on the first of the month. You can get either a free burger (up to eleven dollars) or a free all you can eat garden bar. I split the check with the person I went out to eat and we got two great meals for only about fifteen bucks.

Sephora: Free gift. You can pick between two goodie bags. This year I got two lip colors and a lip scrub. You can redeem this online or in store. In store purchase is not necessary, online it is. You can also pick up your gift from a JC Penny Sephora, if one is closer to you.

Texas Roadhouse: Free appetizer. Free fried pickles? Yes, please. If you do not want an appetizer you can also get a free side of ribs. Both sound amazing to me, I am not sure which one I will choose.

These are just the places that I have subscribed to. There are so many more rewards you can get on your birthday. Next time you are eating at your favorite restaurant or shopping at your favorite store ask them if they have a rewards club. Most are free to join and it makes your birthday even more exciting!


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