Were you a 90s kid? 50 things that’ll make you go “awwww”

For those of us who grew up in the 90’s, there was no such thing as unlimited texting, FaceTiming, Netflix or even DVDs for that matter. While we think that we can’t go a day with all of the advanced technology that we have now, we look back and remember all of the things that we thought we wouldn’t be able to survive without back then. Let’s reminisce on the good times…

1. Note passing

Now-a-days we call this texting. Remember all the notes you passed back and forth with your friends during class? Check yes or no.

2. AIM

We all remember trying to come up with the perfect screen name, away messages and “buddy”profiles. Not to mention the little digs or shoutouts people put in those profiles. Cue the angsty song lyrics.

3. CD players

You literally thought you were totally awesome with this thing.

4. CDs

Whoever had the latest CDs were the coolest.


The fate for every single girl in elementary and middle school. You swore that this was going to be your life.

6. Gel pens

Every color had to be had. Every single color.

7. Gel ink paper

This was the best for drawing crazy flowers and bubble letters.


The place to be on Friday night where you rented movies and had to “be kind and rewind” when you return them.

9. Orange VCR tapes

You knew when these came out during class, you were going to have a good day.

10. Baby Bottle Pops

These were sugar rushes in a “bottle.”

11. Hit Clips

Everyone HAD to have these things. Not just one either. You had to have every single color and every single clip that played individual songs.

12. GameBoy

GameBoys were the coolest things ever. From the very first one with the little games you slid in and out to play to the GameBoy COLOR that came in every single color of the rainbow and you had the hardest time choosing which one you wanted to buy.

13. “CatDog”, “Rocket Power”, “All That” and every original Nickelodeon TV show

The best originals ever.

14. Dunkaroos


15. Koosh balls

They made these things into keychains and everyone decked out their book bags with them.

16. On-the-wall pencil sharpeners

The perfect excuse to show off your totally cute outfit in front of your entire class.

17. Little Hug Fruit Barrels

The little treasures at the bottom of the coolers at birthday parties. Everyone knows the blue was the best one.

18. “Fortune tellers”

These were taken during class at least 3 times a day.

19. Magic 8 Balls

Asking this thing the weirdest questions during sleepovers defined the 90’s.

20. Sucking the juice out of the tab of these drinks

THE best.

21. Wax bottles

Chewing on the wax after you sucked the juice out of them was the best.

22. Tamagotchi

Raising this little creature was life.

23. Beanie Babies

Collecting these was all that mattered.

24. Floppy disks

When you had to save all of your work and basically your life on these things. Now you just stick a thumb drive in the computer and BAM.

25. Mary-Kate and Ashley movies

This was definitely the “drama/thriller” genre of the 90’s.

26. Gap apparel

You weren’t even cool if you didn’t wear Gap.

27. Goosebumps movies

Okay, maybe these were the real thrillers of the 90’s.

28. Lisa Frank

The greatest coloring books and stickers of all times.

29. Colored hair extensions

Because your mom wouldn’t let you die your hair.

30. Sketchers

The coolest sneaks in the game.

31. Furby

The creepiest, yet somehow very popular things that talked and shook and was all types of weird.

32. Disposable cameras

One. Two. Three. Click – rewind.

33. Limited Too

The greatest store EVER.

34. Slap bracelets

You weren’t cool if you didn’t wear these all the way up your arms.

35. Butterfly clips

Cornrows and twists into butterfly clips. Can you say hot?

36. Yin Yang accessories

Everything was yin yang. Chokers, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins…Everything.

37. Mood rings

“What do you mean I look sad? My mood ring says very happy…see, it’s blue”

38. Microsoft Paint

Where every Picaso started.

39. Mad Libs

Filling in the blanks with absurd things were hilarious and totally stupid at the same time.

40. Silly Putty

What do you mean transferring newspapers onto the silly putty and throwing it at the walls isn’t cool anymore?

41. Paper bag book covers

Book socks were too mainstream.

42. And decorating the crap out of them

With this, you were able to decorate them however you wanted to.

43. Bill Nye

After every chapter in Science class, Bill Nye made sure he was there to reassure you that you know what you’re talking about. Everyone knew the theme song by heart.

44. HubbaBubba bubble tape

The most disgusting bubble gum ever. You ripped a strip and had to spit it out within 3 seconds because it couldn’t keep it’s flavor.

45. Lip Smackers

The greatest make-up of all time. A definite “must have.”

46. See-through phones

Every girl dreamed of having not only a house phone in their room, but this specific see-through one.

47. Lucky rabbit’s feet

These hung from everyone’s bags. Remember when you rubbed them and wished on them? Yeah, kinda weird…a dead rabbit’s foot on your bag for good luck.

48. Scrunchies

The best things that were ever made. They were cute and didn’t crease your hair.

49. Stick-on earrings

Remember looking for these every 3 seconds because they never stuck to your ears? People started using these for decorating other things because they were so annoying to try to keep on.

50. A ton of patterned clothing … and denim

Denim and patterns everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Polka dots, denim, stripes, crazy weird shapes, denim, more polka dots and more denim.

Seriously, if you don’t remember any of these things, talk to the hand ‘cause the face ain’t listenin’.


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